Project Soweto Slum

Dear all,

In the post below, I will be sharing more about the children’s centre and also an updated list of what you can contribute.

Do note that these items will be brought over in my personal backpack, so I’m able to take about 25 kg worth of items. Why not more? Because I honestly do not have another $1000 to pay for excess baggage (jetairways policy).

The items list is based on their needs and my baggage limitation (so I would actually buy some stationery and food products in Kenya to reduce load and support their local economy).

Disclaimer: The photos below are not taken by me because I have not been there yet.


Nairobi Orphanage

Soweto Slums Good Samaritan Orphans and Destitute Children’s Centre is a community based organization. The Centre was started and registered 2004 in response to the needs of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Soweto Slum.

The Centre started with two children who had been abandoned by their parents. These children were rescued by the area District Office officials and brought to the founder’s house.

The home currently houses 70 children both boys and girls. These are either orphans or abandoned children.

The children have been orphaned for a multitude of reasons – although a majority are due to the H.I.V epidemic, poverty and unwanted pregnancies.

The children’s circumstances and histories are as different as their personalities- but now they have the optimism and opportunity for a more positive future. The dedicated care givers at Good Samaritan are working hard to provide the basics of life – shelter, security and food; however they are acutely aware that it is education which can break the cycle of poverty.

Kenya has over one million orphans and vulnerable children living in children’s homes, which are predominantly privately funded and operated, there is little government assistance.  Good Samaritan founded six years ago and to date receives no stable funding. From time to time they receive donations of food items and clothing from people in the local community.

The caregivers at the orphanage are dedicated and loving, doing the best they can with the little resources they have. At the very least they are providing these children with a stable family environment.  The children are between 6 months to 19 years (Oct 2016) and are all attending a formal education.

How can you help?


Last updated 9 November 2016, 10.27pm

***For all donors, I also have a little request. It will be a great thing for the children if you can write a tiny note (3cm x 2cm) to encourage them. You can write a note for every item you have donated. I will then stick the notes on the items.***


If you would like to contribute any of the items/ask any questions, please drop me an email or send me a message on my number/facebook page.

The trip is on 8 December and I can schedule to get the items from you anytime before.

Finally, thanks for reading the entire post. Yes, I know we cannot help everybody. But how about making a child’s day a little better than his/her other days?

Even if it is just 1 toothbrush, it will make a difference to a child’s life. 

I am truly grateful for all of your kindness and support! 

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